Coaching + Training are vital to implementing a successful agile adoption.

Coaching combined with training gets you results much, much faster. A transition to agile impacts the roles you play, the teams you are on, and the behavior of your executives. Coaching is a relationship where you, as client, can ask questions; discuss your big doubts and concerns about “going agile”; and get the informed support you need to make the transition to agile successful. FSA’s Coaching accelerates your ability to integrate the principles of agility into your day-to-day practices.  We focus you on the why so that you develop the best how to reach your goals. We recognize each client as unique, and we guide you in crafting practices that best serve the vision and goals of your organization. Our coaching is focused on you achieving the outcomes YOU want.

“Our engagement with FSA has had a substantial impact on our operational efficiency and continued growth.
They maximize the opportunity in every situation, providing positive reinforcement and promoting collaboration” –
Ken G.

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Many agile practices introduce new roles into the organization.   For example, scrum introduces the roles of Scrum Master, Product Owner, Development Team.  They can be the source of confusion and hesitation for team members to working in new ways. We help you leverage your unique knowledge and experience as you gain the confidence to adopt new behaviors and execute your new role effectively.


An agile team’s goal is to sustainably deliver high value to the marketplace in the shortest possible cycle time. Too many teams miss this critical point when applying agile practices. Therefore, we focus teams on agile principles such as collaboration, self-organization, and continuous improvement so they achieve this goal within 3-4 sprints.


In successful organizations, executives share a clear vision of organizational values and direction in ways that create alignment, invite employee engagement, signal trust, and provide the necessary support.  These are key benchmarks in agile transitions. With executives, we serve as an impartial and confidential sounding board to explore issues, concerns and approaches to the organizational challenges they face. We help executives understand what behaviors they can adopt that will best serve the teams in being successful.


We believe that the goal of each and every client engagement is to help the client’s organization reach a state of what we call “freestanding agility”.

This is the state where the organization can rapidly identify and address opportunities created by change. Freestanding agility is the ability to rapidly respond to change in a ‘standalone’ fashion, without any need for an external coach or consultant to be present.

Our goal is help your organization reach this capability as soon as possible. This means from ‘day 1’ we work to avoid creating any dependency on us. Instead we focus our service on encouraging your organizational process improvement, the kind that leads a lasting capacity to identify opportunities and continuously improve.

Every coach and consultant here is committed to set of shared values which place the needs of our clients before any other considerations whatsoever. We believe that if we do a great job of serving you by addressing your needs, we prosper over the long run. Our first priority is to serve you, the client.

Every coach and consultant here subscribes and commits to a set of values and principles that are optimized on improving health and well-being of the organizations we serve.


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